Location: Germany and China

At the start of 2021 YTA’s R&D Team in Germany and the Operations Team in China achieved an outstanding result for CNPC’s Daqing Oil Company; we successfully performed a two-stage wireless selective fire perforation, safely and reliably, to a depth of 1,500m in Daqing Nr. 9 Field.

YTA-Wireless® Perforation uses proprietary acoustic signal transfer technology that transfers the signal to a depth of 1,500m without repeaters, and is able to safely select-fire 6 stages. This enables operators to significantly reduce operational costs, avoid drilling unnecessary wells, as well as reducing waste and environmental impact.

Despite international travel restrictions, the delivery demonstrated our R&D Team’s ingenuity in remote training and our Field Team’s capacity for fast learning, creative thinking and quality assurance. Our only regret was that we couldn’t celebrate this achievement together in person!

YTA's R&D Team