Field Services

As a niche knowledge and technology provider focusing on life cycle well integrity management and production optimization, we regularly get requests from field operators to help them address persistent symptoms where remedies from other service providers proved short-lived. YTA, diagnosing into the problems’ root cause, has proved capable of delivering last lasting solutions, increasing the life cycle efficiency of hydrocarbon production, and reducing total well intervention costs and environmental foot print.


YTA has and maintains an uncompromising, long-term commitment to innovation. Investing in technology and downhole product R&D is necessary to move the industry forward. We conduct our R&D activities in partnership with field operators to ensure we have a holistic understanding of the challenges the operators face and can develop technology application in an efficient manner. Find out more about our next generation products here.

YTA’s competitive advantage is its ability to innovate and bring the next generation products and / or solutions to market quickly.

We get requests from field operators on a daily basis, often with a description of a particular symptom. Dealing with just the symptoms leads to short-lived remedies and further problems. YTA works through the “noise” and drills down to the root cause. In this way we guarantee to deliver cost effective and long terms solutions.

YTA maintains an uncompromising, long-term commitment to research. Our research is often conducted in partnership with field operators and research institutes. This ensures intimate understanding of the operator’s challenges, immediate contact with leading-edge research bodies, and facilitates field trials during the product development cycle.

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