Well Life-Cycle Integrity Management

Operators must nurture each well from cradle to grave. At every stage, from drilling, completion, production, periodic intervention work to final abandonment, operators strive to maintain the well’s integrity and productivity over its life time. YTA believes in delivering the same life cycle care.

The challenge is, when operators contract a services company to deliver work, the work is delivered specific to the particular phase of the well, without fully taking into account the operator’s long term interests over the life cycle of the well.

At YTA, we look beyond what is asked from us when we provide integrity management and production optimisation services. We ask questions, analyse the well’s history, challenge the “in-the-box” thinking and provide solutions that will be long-lasting. Our work does not stop at the point when we get paid: we follow up, obtain the feedback and measure our results against a “base scenario”.

Contact us to obtain our recent Well Life Cycle Integrity Management work case study with CNPC SouthWest and CNPC Group’s publication on our work.

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