Field Development Consultancy

Independent and national operators, due to their lack of worldwide operating exposure, do not always have the in-house knowledge and expertise to overcome the challenges they encounter in the field, reservoir and well. This often results in low efficiency and sub-optimal production, wasted investment, as well as unnecessary environmental pollution.

YTA creates value and helps to solve this problem by providing consultancy work and knowledge transfer. We have a wealth of field operating knowledge and experience gained at working in Tier 1 international operators, which is immensely valuable to independent and national field operators who have not had extensive learnings from operating globally.

Our consultancy work follows a 7-step structured process:

  1. Listen and understand the operator’s goals
  2. Establish “Base Case Scenario”
  3. Analyse data, identify problems and their root cause
  4. Re-assess the operator’s goals
  5. Design a plan
  6. Implement the plan and push to completion
  7. Measure the outcome against the goals and Base Case Scenario

In 2018, we delivered 3 consultancy projects to CNOOC Shenzhen, CNOOC Tanggu and CNPC SouthWest, all of which have significantly contributed to their Operating Practice Improvement (OPI). For case studies and track record, please contact us.

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