Field Services

As an independent oil and gas field services company, we are unique.
We focus on the life cycle management of a well and a field.

Operators take on significant risks to look after their long-term hydrocarbon producing assets and it is costly when services companies provide them a short-lived solution. We physically deliver a field services contract in a matter of days, weeks or months; however we will always deliver solutions that fully take into account the life time of the well or field.

We have extensive experience in operating oil and gas wells and fields and aim to diagnose each problem from its root cause up. All our solutions are long lasting.

Our leadership and advisory team have in-depth global field operating know-how and have extensive prior experience in Shell. Our operational team consists of highly specialised engineers with decades of experience working for international services companies. This gives us an unparalleled perspective on how to serve each well and each field with its life cycle in mind, which helps to optimise the long-term recovery for the field operator and minimise overall well intervention costs and environmental footprint. Focusing on life cycle well management, we are knowledgeable about and skilled at every aspect of the fields’ integrity management and production optimisation services and engineering.

We are bold in design, and meticulous in execution.