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UKIPO YTA-Wireless® Patent Grant

Intellectual Property

YTA-Wireless® surface downhole information transfer system eliminates the complexity and costs of running cables, is easy to install and reliable to use.

TCT® Electro-Mechanical Tubular Cutting Tool

Product Specification

A fully intelligent and autonomous electro-mechanical pipe cutter that saves lives, saves the environment and saves money.

CNIPA TCT® Cutter Patent Grant

Intellectual Property

TCT® Electro-Mechanical Tubular Cutting Tool saves lives, saves money and saves the environment. It replaces explosives and chemicals in downhole pipe cutting.

YTA Barrier Integrity Management track record

Track Record

YTA has the technical, operational and organisational competences to manage your wells' barrier integrity, as evidenced by our solid track record.

Tubing Specification and Material Selection

YTA Papers

YTA Papers series - Topic Well Integrity

EU Patent TCT® Electro-Mechanical Cutter

Intellectual Property

EU Unitary Patent Certificate TCT® Electro-Mechanical Cutter

EU Patent Sonic-PLT®

Intellectual Property

No moving parts, no broken parts. Digital age sensors and intelligence.

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